About TurnKey Property Inspections

Building Pre-Purchase and Pre-Settlement Specialists

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are a critical investment in any home or investment property purchase.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the inspection and building industry, we are fully qualified, insured and exceed the standards of practice.

Our reports provide you with the information about the true condition of any home, and you will receive a detailed report with photos that documents building defects which can include:

  • Safety hazards required immediate repair.
  • Major defects that require repair or replacement beyond normal property maintenance.
  • Minor superficial defects and fit into normal property maintenance routines.
  • Other concerns that may be found during your building inspection.

With a TurnKey Property Inspection you have the knowledge to help negotiate your final sale price.

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Our Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Property Inspections and Reports cover all accessible areas of the structures.

The inspections and reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 – 2007, and the Office of Fair Trading guidelines for building inspections. These guidelines form the basis of our Quality Assurance and Management process. The turn around time for reports is usually within 48 hours, subject to access to the property. The reports are fully detailed, and where deemed necessary photographs are taken to assist with the description.

The standard inspection and report encompasses the following:

  • Internal areas: floors and floor coverings, doors and frames, windows, walls and linings, ceilings and linings, woodwork, painting, kitchens, bathrooms, en-suites, shower recesses, WC’s, laundry, cupboards, electrical installation, plumbing installation, smoke alarms, fire places.
  • External areas: doors, window, flashings and sills, lintels, walls, painting, roofing, skylights, vents, flues and chimneys, fascia, barge and eaves, valley gutters, guttering, down pipes, verandahs, porch and patios, and balconies.
  • Sub-floor area: framing, ant caps, piers/stumps, drainage, plumbing, ventilation.
  • Roof void: framing, insulation, sarking, party walls, water penetration, rodent activity.
  • Site: outbuildings, driveways, paths, clothesline, letter box, water meter and water pressure, fences, landscaping, bushfire hazards, drainage.
  • Materials used in construction.
  • Areas, rooms and buildings that were inspected.
  • Areas where no access or limited access was available.
  • Services and facilities.

We also inspect units and include common areas. This is important as the Body Corporate or Owners’ Corporation may need to impose levies to carry out major repairs or upgrading.

Our Timber & Pest Inspections

We do not carry Timber & Pest Pre-Purchase inspections, but do work closely with a qualified and licensed pest control inspector and can arrange your pest report to be conducted at the same time as the building report – saving you both time and money.


Our Experience

With over 30 years combined
experience in the Building and
Pre-Purchase Inspections industries,
you can feel confident with
TurnKey Property Inspections.